Speed Networking

When business people attend conferences and other networking events, they tend to gravitate towards people they know, and don't always meet new individuals or business contacts. The "throw-everyone-into-a-room" system of commonplace networking events is especially daunting for someone who may be shy or new to the marketplace.

With increasingly busy schedules, business people spend a lot of time trying to make the necessary contacts to keep their businesses growing. Time is of the essence.

SPEED NETWORKING is a new and fresh way to build your business Rolodex in a time efficient manner!

SPEED NETWORKING is a networking event with an accelerated twist. The program is specifically designed to allow attendees the quick and entertaining opportunity to introduce themselves and pitch their company to other people in business.

With a unique format, participants of SPEED NETWORKING will meet more people, make more contacts, and generate more business ideas in one short evening, than they ever thought was possible at a networking event!

How It Works

With all participants seated in a small group, the SPEED NETWORKING sessions will begin. During each fast paced session, participants will be given 2 minutesto introduce themselves and their business to the group. After the end of each session, their will be a 10 minute social break. Then participants will sit in a different group with different contacts and repeat the process.There will be 3 sessions overall.
During the event, participants will share business cards, history and offer new contacts with valuable information about their business. For example:

  • Who do you know that might need their services?
  • Who has a similar client base and might like to exchange client leads with them?
  • How might each company do business with one another?
  • Can you introduce them to anyone who can help them?
Plan Ahead
So you can make the most of your time at our events, we have prepared a few ideas to help you get your pitch just right. Its not difficult, all you have to do is give a little thought to each of these aspects.

  • Know your business, and know it well;
  • Be able to describe what you do and who you do it for in a few clear sentences; and
  • Know what you want and need from networking and what you have to offer.


"I wanted to let you know , I thought, the speed networking, was a big success. I even asked some of the other participants when it was over and they thought it was great and would do it again. I definitely would do it again. I wasn't able to meet all the different businesses which now gives me an incentive to come back."
Kathleen Abraham - Security Federal Bank

"I liked the opportunity to speak to more people. With this method, I made more contacts than in the after hour mixers"
Margie Seabrook - United States Postal Service

"I had the ability to meet multiple people in a shorter amount of time."
Courtney Leathers - National Bank of South Carolina

"I liked the fact that everyone had a chance to pitch their business and no one had to feel nervous about public speaking. It was such a small group, which I enjoyed."
Jana Medlin - Wingate by Wyndam/IMIC Hotels